Monday, May 12, 2014

New Model Year

Note from the editor:

Here’s the thing -

Hi guys! For those of you still coming around even though I haven’t been updating very much, thank you. For those of you who used to frequent the site, and tapered off as I did, thank you too. I have a surprise for all of you, however I’m about to ruin it.

I’m relaunching the blog.

We’re adding some new writers, and we’ll soon have a brand new look. I’ll of course be writing my usual Here’s The Thing pieces, but we’re adding some new flavor as well. The guys will be introduced in their own features this week, starting with mine tomorrow, and we’ll be getting the ball rolling from there.

We’ll also be having some guest writers to periodically drop an article here or there to break up the usual crew. If you’re interested in being one of those writers, let me know. Good ideas won’t be turned down (however, I might edit it a bit though).

I’m excited. It’s a new day at Here’s The Thing. I can’t wait to get ramped up and rolling the way I knew this thing always could.

And that, that’s the thing

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