Saturday, May 31, 2014

Caffeine and Gasoline

Here’s the thing about caffeine:

Thanks to we know that one of the definitions of Ritual is “observance of set forms in public worship.” As car guys, we do this almost every weekend. I am talking about the ritual of combining caffeine and gasoline; I am talking about…Cars and Coffee.


When I was young, Saturday mornings were filled with cartoons, sports, and of course shows about cars. Numerous times, these shows would travel across the country and even around the world to different Cars and Coffee events.  Some of these events are even so large that they have become internationally famous, and a must stop is you are a car guy. I’m talking about places like cars and coffee Irvine, where normal car guys like us and rub elbows with celebrities such as Jay Leno and Tim Allen. But the great thing is that this is not just limited to long running events.

This past March, the long running Amelia Island concourse held it first cars and coffee. This allowed just normal run of the mill cars guys the opportunity to show off their pride and joys on the same plots of grass that would host some of the rarest and most expensive cars less than 24 hours later. And it let you rub elbows with some great people. People like Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann and Barry Meguiar.

I guess what I’m trying to say here in my rambling is that no matter how the auto industry changes through the years; and no matter how expensive a cup of Joe costs at that place with the green sign; no matter how many weird looks we get or the snarky comments made; we will always love to just stand in a parking lot and talk about what makes us smile. And we will stand there in the summer heat with an iced coffee of the cool fall weather up north with a hot chocolate.

And that the thing about cars. And coffee.

- Devlin

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