Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cars That Definitely Have Come With a Manual Transmission

Here's the thing.

So I've decided to drudge up my repressed memories of cars that were never offered with a manual, that definitely should have. There are any number of cars that didn't get the standard transmission love that were perfect candidates. There's several older options that may fit this bill too, but being that I am a whipper-snapper, I've decided to keep mine out of muscle and classic car territory. We all know that they should have all come with one, and many didn't. My dad claims they were faster as automatics also, but I highly doubt that as well. 

Anyways, I'm picking my top 3 and, in the comments, I encourage you to do the same. Here we go:

3. 1st gen Acura RDX: This one simply because it was one of the best, if not THE best, engines to come out of Honda's new obsession with their valve-deactivation version of VTEC. "We'll use it to help spool a turbo. Slap it on a de-bored K24. And stick it in one of the most capable CUVs on the market. Oh and we'll add our torque-vectoring AWD system while we're at it. Freaking brilliant! Except for the 5-speed autobox.

2. MkV R32: I would really like to be able to get a 4Motion, fire-breathing VR6, manual equipped hot hatch without having to go back to the crap that was VW's MkIV generation. Who was the genius that decided we only get the DSG over here in the states? Leave that shit for the TTS and A3 and people that bought this car in the "upscale" skinned versions.

1. The Caddilac XLR: So you're telling me that the company that came up with the awesome idea of dropping the C5 Z06's LS1 into their mid-size luxury sedan couldn't figure out that their Corvette-based, sports-car flagship needed a standard option? Chronic GM resource mismanagement at its best..

So those are my 3. What are yours? Let me know below. I'll be curled up, crying in the corner, thinking about the current condition of the automotive market.

And that, that's the thing.

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  1. 1. Ferrari as a whole brand. It's sad to think the last stick shift they offered were in some very rare California's. Sure flappy paddles are more efficient, but not all Ferrari's are meant to be pure track beasts... insert almost all Front Engined Ferrari's here.
    2. BMW M4 is supposedly not coming with the option, this is extremely disappointing, BMW's flagship performance coupe... isn't quite the ultimate driving machine.
    3. Ford Superduties. Seriously? I understand why people wouldn't want one, but when it comes to towing, the automatic trucks blow (especially when it comes to the lighter ecoboost trucks)