Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lincoln Parked

Here's the thing.

Autoblog has pronounced Lincoln dead. And i can't say I disagree with them. However, that is if they stay as they are now.

Look at Cadillac. They were also CTD in the late 90s/ early 2000s. One car turned it all around. The Evoq concept. It was a beautiful design that captivated audiences and piqued consumers interests enough to keep an eye on Cadillac. Cadillac used that attention, took that concept, and built a real life sedan, the CTS, using the design language, and used hardware that made it competitive with real luxury competitors. The Evoq itself would later go on to become the Corvette-based XLR.

What it comes down to is the CTS is its own car. Lincoln is still rehashing Fords with the design that shoulda been used the first time around. This is unacceptable. The cars that stick in people's minds are the ones they can't get elsewhere. 10 years from now, no one will remember the XTS. That's because it's mostly LaCrosse and Impala parts.

No, the Cadillacs that are out now that will stick with people are the 3-killing ATS and constantly surprising CTS. And that's because they are nowhere else in the GM portfolio. Even if the Camaro uses the same platform as the CTS, it's far from the same car.

Lincoln basically needs 3 cars:

-An AWD Sedan, on the Focus platform, but a bit bigger to provide it a real back seat. Think the American A3. Differentiated by AWD, slightly bigger footprint, and true premium features. Only engine available is the ST's 2.0T.

- The Falcoln brought over as a future-oriented LS replacement. True RWD, mated to the 3.5 Ecoboost, tuned to 400hp.

- A real body-on-frame SUV to replace the Navigator, and to differentiate from the unibody Explorer.

That's where they need to start. Once that begins to sustain, build a full size, RWD Continental replacement. That will be the indicator that Lincoln has pulled out of their death spiral.

Until Ford actually spends some money on getting Lincoln its own cars, they will continue to be an also-ran. At least for another 5 years. Then they'll become a "could have been".

And that, that's the thing.


  1. I think some of the new Lincolns are finally looking a bit sexy. But I agree they need a stronger identity that isn't based around the Ford parts/chassis bin.

    Also, if they continue to chase the FWD luxury car market, they will only be potentially stealing sales from Acura. They desparately need a flagship rwd vehicle (and not just for sportiness), it can even drive like a boat (we don't have enough of those vehicles anymore). Basically, if someone wants a luxury vehicle minus the sport, they are left with Mercedes, Lexus or... in this situation... Lincoln.

    1. They do look good. In fact, for my suggestion about the Focus based model, I was envisioning a trimmed down 2013 MKZ.

      And there is a different between cheap car float, and luxury comfort. They'll never achieve the second until they ditch the Ford bones.

  2. Here's the thing.

    I would like to be able to post/rant on your blog as well.

    And that's the thing :)

    1. You sayin you wanna write up here too? :D

      I'm down.

    2. Yep, this way when we spam oppo/etc with links to our articles it won't always be from the same name haha

    3. Awesome idea! How do I email you? I tried to get your email from +, but it eluded me lol